Sunday, March 26, 2017

Twice in One Week!

Day 25

I blogged yesterday....
but then I forgot to post it....
because life has been busy....
which is no excuse.....

but seriously.
I'm kind of sorry.

Just a little.


I feel like there's a lot of stigma and expectations attached to being a woman.
And no, this is not a female empowerment post by any means… So don't get your hopes up.
When I say stigmas and stereotypes, I mean that outsiders think.....
 "we are all catty and secretly hate each other."
 "We are all superficial and compare our bodies and make up two other girls."
 "We hate other girls because we envy their hair or their height or their bra size."

There's this odd cloud that sits over female friendships, and female communities,
and I feel as though a lot of outsiders must imagine the drama, gossip, and trash talking that happens behind the girls backs.
 Granted, I know that this does happen often and that's why the stigma is attached to female groups.
But time and time again females impress me,
which is a weird thing to say when you say it out loud but it's true.
Females can be the most terrifying and hurtful group,
 but they can also be the most supportive and motivating group to be around.

 If you surround yourself with the right girls, anything is possible.
Just recently I threw a party at my house for the company my mom and I work for, so it was a presentation party.
Now, I'm not much of a socialite, I tend to prefer nights at home, so I didn't expect many people to show up.
Alas, last night my kitchen was filled with women who were all there to support me and my mom in our journey and the business that we're dedicating time to.
We all shared in inappropriate laughs, sampling, a few glasses of wine, and just good vibes and positive energy.

 I hate to say this, because I'm not sure it's either a reflection of myself… Or my personal past experiences…
But I'm ashamed to say that I never imagined that type of support from a group of women.
 God, it sound so stupid saying it out loud, and I'm sorry if this insults anybody because I underestimated anyone…
It wasn't the women specifically,1
But after being bullied for most of my childhood by girls....
Women still terrify me.

I love all the women I invited and wouldn't trade them for anything

Back to the point;
Wow, women are absolutely empowering, supportive, and beautiful beautiful beautiful people.

So if anyone's out there struggling with female friendships or bonds, you just have to find the right fit. The right community. The right group of women that are going to pick you up and keep you up,
because they love you.